Holiday Gift Guide

Unsure of what to get the nursing mama in your life this year? Here are some great gift ideas.


Koalakin Hands Free Nursing Pouch:

Why we think it’s great: For the mamas on the go, nursing hands free and securely with KoalaKin’s Hands Free Nursing Carrier means your mama will be the multitasking master (more so than she already is!)


Belabumbum Nursing Wear:

Why we think they’re great: Whether your mama is looking for sleepwear, intimates or a new swim suit, Belabumbum has all of that and more. Their clothes are comfortable and functional (easy nursing access!) without sacrificing the style your mama is looking for.


So that’s what they’re for! By Janet Tamaro and Working Without Weaning By Kirsten Berggren:

Why we think these are great: So that’s what they’re they’re for! isa light hearted read full of great information, stories, and laughs. Our friend Kirsten wrote Working Without Weaning specifically to help breastfeeding moms headed back to work.


Boppy Pillow Shop:

Why they’re great: Whether your mama is pregnant or just had her little one, Boppy has a pillow for every situation. From nursing pillows to pregnancy wedges Boppy can make any mama comfortable and give her the relaxation she deserves.


My Brest Friend Nursing Stool:

Why we think it’s great: Not only does this stool provide comfortable positioning for breastfeeding it also minimizes lower back, shoulder, neck and wrist pain for nursing mamas. Can’t get much better than that!


Bitybean UltraCompact Carrier:

Why we think it's great: With it's ultra compact design, fun colors, and comfortable fit, Bitybean's carrier is perfect for any mama on the go (or papa!).