Mamava Year In Review

We just wanted to take this time to thank everyone who helped make this an amazing first official year in business for Mamava.


We are now in eight states: VT, NY, MA, NJ, AZ, MO, TX, and NB (and on our way to two more in January). Our goal for the end of 2015 is to have a Mamava delivered to all 50 states.


Here are the highlights and a few low points (keeping it real) from 2014.



Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont is the first college to get a Mamava. Check out the cool mods they have made over the past year.



We begin work on our iPhone app.




Christine and Sascha go to Oslo, Norway and get to enjoy the art.



We joined Instagram, but are recently thinking it might be one too many social media platforms for us to keep track of!




On Mother’s Day weekend we find out our manufacturing partner in Springfield, Vermont is being sued for alleged fraud. For all intents and purposes we are back at square one (or maybe two). We need to negotiate existing inventory out of escrow and find a new manufacturer fast. Good friends lose their jobs.  On the brighter side we hire Janice as a dedicated CFO, COO.




We find a new manufacturer in RI thanks to help from David Jaacks, Mamava’s industrial designer.




We hire Janet (right) our first sales person (with Chloe and Sascha at BTV), and deliver our first federal contract to the VA CMOP in Tucson.



The Mamava locator app goes live on iTunes.



Christine, Sascha and two lactation suites head to ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.



The Big Apples? Mamava delivers two lactation suites to the New School in New York City, and a beautiful cherry unit to the Independence Mall in Independence, Missouri.



Mamava featured on Fast Company’s Co.Exist blog



Mamava’s got game. The Pinnacle Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska is the first arena in the country to provide this amenity.

Here’s what we have planned for 2015

  • Amazing sponsorship initiatives with great partners that will help bring Mamava to other major airports and retailers.
  • Becoming a B Corporation.
  • Mamava locator app. for Android.
  • Mamavas in hospitals and rest areas.
  • New product offerings, including a pop-up Mamava for temporary placement at events and outdoor gatherings.
  • Much, much more!