Looking for a Private Place to Nurse or Pump? There’s an App for that!

Mamava Headquarts on the map!

This week we officially launched our lactation friendly locator app for iPhone and iPad. Both Mamava lactation stations and mama-approved and -submitted sites are included in the app’s extensive list. Each time a new Mamava goes into the world, it’s automatically added to the list.


We created this app based on our personal experiences and challenges finding places to pump or breastfeed while away from home or work. Too often women are forced to use their breast pumps in bathrooms, cars, or other substandard locations. We believe women should be able to breastfeed wherever and whenever they choose, and 46 of the 50 states have laws protecting a woman’s right to breastfeed anywhere, but we also know that some women (and some babies!) feel it is easier to breastfeed in private.


We spent hours researching online forums, databases, mothers’ blogs, and travelers’ guides to find preexisting breastfeeding- and pumping-friendly locations. Once we exhausted those resources, we used our connections and asked our friends, families, and coworkers for their personal favorites. Currently, we have almost 500 locations nationwide listed. Once a mama downloads the app, she can locate pumping- and breastfeeding-friendly places wherever she is. The app will not only give mamas directions to the site, it will also allow them to rate and review the location after their visit. If a mama finds a new location that she likes, she can add it to the database and share it with app users in the area.


We are really excited to be able to help women find clean, comfortable places to use a pump or breastfeed, no matter if they are Mamava or other community sourced locations. The more mamas who contribute to the database, the bigger the impact we’ll have -and the more powerful the movement to support breastfeeding mothers will become. It’s our hope that this enables more women to meet their breastfeeding goals.