Hello Camp Champ Mamas!

By Chloe Elliott, Champlain College Sophomore, Mamava Intern and Future Mama

So proud that a Mamava is the newest addition to Champlain College’s Miller Center on Lakeside Ave in Burlington, VT, a big step forward for Champlain College, Mamava, and educational institution’s support of breastfeeding.


As a Champlain College student, a Mamava intern, and most importantly, a woman, I love and applaud Champlain’s efforts to support their hardworking mamas on campus. Whether they are students, teachers, staff, faculty or even the prospective student’s nursing mother. Champlain is promoting and encouraging nursing mothers to give their babies the nutritional foundation they need to grow up healthy and strong. And while, I am not yet a mother, I fully expect by the time I become one that support and privacy amenities for breastfeeding/pumping mamas will no longer be just a privilege for some, but a right for all.


So, other colleges take note; Champlain College continues to push what it means to deliver truly progressive thinking and doing. We’ve joined the Mamava movement, supporting healthy babes and happy mamas everywhere. Maybe it’s about time other colleges follow in our footsteps?

Mamava at Champlain's Miller Center Mamava at Champlain's Miller Center