Mamava Nursing Mothers' Lounge is Feature in Local News!

Mamava was featured on WCAX last week! We had a chance to share about our new Nursing Mothers’ lounge and talk our plans to build and install free-standing lactations stations to meet the needs of nursing mamas on the go.


We’re so excited that this first phase of our vision has become a reality. 


The lounge provides nursing mamas with a clean, safe and private place to pump or nurse, and it will help us gather feedback about what nursing mamas need and want.


Please help us spread the word!


Tell all the mamas you know about our Nursing Mothers’ Lounge–so that the next time they’re headed to the airport, they can relax and not worry about timing pumping before they leave their house or hotel; or nurse their easily distracted baby in the busy and overstimulating waiting areas prior to TSA security.