Blissed-out, but Maybe a Little Bored

Nursing and pumping can be many things: good, bad, beautiful and let’s face it, sometimes boring. We got to thinking about some of our favorite nurse or pump-time distractions, which might be a bit different than the usual social media outlets and mommy blogs. Here are three that offer that perfect 15-20 minute distraction you might need. While each of the selections below offer a wide variety of subjects, we’ve highlighted some with baby themes. Maybe it will help with the let-down?

You know T.E.D. talks (Technology Entertainment Design). An endless source of inspiration and information. @psfk


While positioned as “Inspiring Creative Business” this blog (subscribe to their newsletter too) will keep you ahead of the curve on subjects from design to retail to healthcare, and beyond.

Real stories told in front of a live audience, by heart. Listen to enough of these and you’ll learn the tricks to become the ultimate bedtime storytelling machine when your little one gets older.