That Bottle of Breast Milk is Half Full! (It's All How You Look at it)

Giving thanks for the bounty of breasts and babies

The challenges of breastfeeding in the modern age are many. We experience them when we go back to work, or have difficulty with latch or production, or lack support from family and friends. On the other side, we know what a beautiful, simple, healthful experience breastfeeding can be for mother and child. Yes, using a breast pump isn’t the greatest experience, but it is better than the alternative of not nursing at all. Who among breastfeeding moms hasn’t giggled a bit at the shear absurdity of the breast pump set-up, a surprising spurt of milk in babies face, or the wardrobe and physical maneuvers we have done to nurse? (Ever nursed your baby in the backseat of the car –baby secure in car seat –mama exposed, unbuckled and awkwardly leaning over baby? We have!)


It is core to Mamava’s mission to change the culture of breastfeeding to make it a more accepted, positive, respected, enjoyable experience. We seek to move culture beyond the mommy wars, beyond the pain points, beyond the set-ups to fail, to a place where nursing mamas are celebrated and supported, and given every accommodation to make their breastfeeding goals whatever they might be. We aim to do this with empathy, humor and style. Our logo is a perfect expression of this mission, happy breasts, and we think you will soon be seeing it everywhere.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we are sharing a piece on “Selfless Gratitude” written by Philip Moffitt in Yoga Journal.


Cultivating thankfulness for being part of life blossoms into a feeling of being blessed, not in the sense of winning the lottery, but in a more refined appreciation for the interdependent nature of life. It also elicits feelings of generosity, which create further joy.


So for all you pumping/ nursing mamas, relax, enjoy it, rejoice in the bounty your body provides, and even if it’s just a few ounces those bottles are full, and you are doing great.