Letter to a Great Boss

As many of you know Christine, Mamava’s co-founder, and I work at JDK Design in Burlington Vermont where Mamava was conceived, gestated, and born. This week was my 18thanniversary with the studio, and Christine has been at JDK on and off for about 16 years. We work for a man named Michael Jager, JDK’s co-founder, owner, creative director, and spiritual leader. Today also happens to be Michael’s birthday, so I have decided to dedicate this post to him.


Dear Boss (sorry Michael, I know you hate the word “boss”),


Thank you for leading by example, for working harder than anyone in the place, for being gender blind, and for demanding perfection from yourself (and sometimes the rest of us, but not always). Thank you for having the endurance of a marathoner, and an appreciation for the sprinters among us. Thanks for creating an atmosphere that celebrates community, cause and creativity.  Thanks for never giving up on the big issues, but knowing (eventually) when to let go of some of the little ones. Thanks for being flexible, and humble, and loyal to a fault. Thanks for launching the careers of hundreds of young people, and a hundred thousand great ideas with and by them.  Thanks for believing that anything is possible, and then proving it to be true. Mamava doesn’t exist without you.


Mamava was built under the creative direction of a great boss. It will only succeed with the support of great bosses; unlike most other businesses our end-users are rarely our customers/ the folks making the purchasing decisions. So, if you have a great boss or know of a great boss, or want to inspire greatness in a boss, or are a great boss yourself, please share this post, Mamava, and your expectations that the world can be a better place if you believe.