Are you in compliance with breastfeeding laws?

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Use this 2-question checklist to find out.

A woman’s right to breastfeed is protected by both state and federal laws. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ensures that breastfeeding protections also extend to the workplace. Is your business in compliance with the law?

 The federak law requires businesses to provide two essential things for their breast pumping employees:

1) Reasonable break time.

Expressing milk takes time and can vary from mom to mom, and from day to day. So while there’s no need to specify a set amount of time, breastfeeding employees need to be given adequate and frequent breaks to accommodate their lactation needs.

2) A dedicated place from intrusion that's not a bathroom.

Pumping in a bathroom is neither sanitary nor private. The law establishes the minimum requirements, but companies that offer lactation spaces designed to foster a positive and productive breastfeeding environment report higher levels of employee efficiency, retention, and loyalty. Which means that smart design is also smart business.

Save time and money by installing these features in your lactation space from the start.

Lactation experts agree that these additional features are essential to providing a productive and supportive environment for breastfeeding employees:

  • Comfortable place to sit and relax
  • Locking door
  • Access to an electrical outlet for a breast pump
  • Additional outlets for laptop
  • A table to place the pump
  • USB plug to charge phones
  • Food grade surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Quiet and calming interior
  • Fan for white noise
  • Mirror so moms can be sure they're buttoned up 

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