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Nicci Micco, Mamava’s VP of Content and Partnerships and mama of two boys, has a master’s degree in nutrition with a focus in behavior change. She teaches yoga and writes frequently about health and wellness.

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6 Breastfeeding Tips for the First Year

Everyone's got advice for mamas, including us. Here are our 6 top breastfeeding tips for the first year. We know that every mama, and every baby, is different, so keep the breast (ideas for you) and leave the rest.


Breastfeeding Is Hard, Even If You're a Doctor 

Even most doctors who are moms aren't able to meet the breastfeeding guidelines—due to a lack of on-the-job accommodations. On, National Doctors' Day, let's speak up in support of physicians who need schedule flexibility and private spaces to pump. 


The Enlightened Guy’s Guide to Supporting Breastfeeding Mamas


When it comes to breastfeeding, it seems like everyone on social media has an opinion. And even when those opinions are supporting breastfeeding, when they come from guys they sometimes come across as, well, mansplaining. To moms.  So here we offer three ways guys can get on board and get behind all mamas.


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