8 Things To Know Before Building a Lactation Room


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The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to provide a secure and private lactation room for breastfeeding employees to breast pump at work. But should you build a room or buy a lactation pod?  Here's a quick chart to show you eight key factors to consider before you decide.

Assess need and space.

  • Number of female employees/guests/clients
  • Current accommodations
  • Size of your facility (What distance will a new mom have to travel?)
  • Available square footage
  • Accessibility needs (ADA)

Is it better to build or to buy?  

Once you understand your need and space capacity, you’ll next have to consider whether to build out a new room or buy a portable lactation unit. Both space and time are limited resources, so you’ll also want to ensure that you’re providing appropriate accommodations with minimal disruption to the workplace and the least amount of employee downtime. To help with your decision, here’s a side-by-side comparison:


Making sure that breastfeeding mamas have a clean and private place to pump is not just smart business, it's breast practice.  

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